US Hospitals are Paying into Hackers Ransomware Demands to Remove Ryuk Attacks

A group of hackers is threatening hospitals from all over the world with a malware called Ryuk. Now, some hospitals from the United States have decided to pay up the ransomware to get rid of this problem, the Next Web’s Hard Fork reported.

In the state of Alabama, three hospitals were attacked, the DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, the Northport Medical Center and the Fayette Medical Hospital. All of them were infected this month.

While no criminal group has taken responsibility for the ransomware attacks, Ryuk could become a global threat, a group of researchers in the United Kingdom affirmed. A security company called Crowdstrike suspects that the attack may be led by Russian group known as Wizard Spider. So far, the group stole over $3.7 million with its hacking attempts.

Since August 2018, criminals using Ryuk have affected over 100 businesses, according to the FBI. The attacks are global and people from Australia, the U. S. and other regions were also reported.

Ryuk is basically a Trojan virus that works by encrypting files on the computer network and then demands a payment in Bitcoin to decrypt them. The malware is mostly used to target large corporations such as hospitals and large companies. With their significant revenue, they can pay a lot for the ransom.

Unfortunately, several victims have no choice but to pay up. Hospitals and other important facilities need to treat their patients, they can’t simply wait for weeks until the problem is resolved. Because of this, they often decide to cave in, which is very profitable for hackers.

According to a recent report made by Coveware, Ryuk demands a ransom of around $288,000 USD per attack.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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