Privacy Coin Grin Receives 50 BTC Anonymously and The Crypto Community Starts Satoshi Rumors

The privacy coin Grin has received a mysterious anonymous donation of 50 Bitcoin (BTC), according to Daniel Lehnberg, one of the developers of the group. He explained that the donor spoke briefly with him and decided to stay anonymous, so he would not share the person’s identity.

Soon after the announcement, several rumors started to surface, including that it was Satoshi himself who donated to Grin. The theory quickly started was then taken seriously after Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, talked about the controversy on the official Grin group chat on Telegram. He affirmed that the coins that were donated were actually mined back in 2010.

Charlie Lee: It Was Just a Joke

Sometime after the rumors started to get strong, Charlie Lee decided to clarify that he was actually joking. His claims caused quite a stir in the community, so the developer felt the need to explain that he was not being serious before this turned into a major event.

Despite him explaining the story, some people were very eager to believe that his theory was incorrect. The fact, however, is that it is not impossible to see normal users holding tokens that were minted back in 2010. Several people were mining Bitcoin back then. Obviously not as many as today, but still a lot of people.

This means that we should not jump to quick conclusions anytime someone uses an old Bitcoin. Also, we should probably not trust Charlie Lee too much, as he may just be joking.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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