Paul Tudor Invests In Bitcoin Futures, a Catalyst for BTC/USD Price Surge?

Paul Tudor Jones, hedge fund manager and philanthropist will pivot part of his client’s funds into bitcoin futures. The move intends to curb the effects of a devaluing dollar through inflation as the Federal Reserve prints trillions of dollars into circulation.

Jones made his intentions clear in a note to his customers titled “The Great Monetary Inflation,” commenting “If I am forced to forecast, my bet is it will be Bitcoin.” His fund, Tudor BVI, may reportedly hold a single-digit percentage in the virtual currency.

“We are witnessing the Great Monetary Inflation — an unprecedented expansion of every form of money unlike anything the developed world has ever seen,” wrote Jones. He also worked out that 6.6 percent of the world’s economic output was printed since February in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Tudor is said to have considered various other financial instruments before finally settling on bitcoin, including gold, bonds, stocks, currencies, and commodities.

Part of Tudor’s affection for bitcoin could have come from a profitable trade he allegedly made in 2017 near the peak of its all-time high of $20,000 that doubled his money. This time, however, he says is due to the fact that bitcoin has four important qualities: liquidity, portability, trustworthiness, and purchasing power.

In spite of seeing these positives, Tudor states that he is “not a hard-money or crypto nut,” but instead sees it as an inevitable step of money becoming virtual, accelerated by Covid-19.

Still, Tudor is undeniably bullish on the world’s largest cryptocurrency “bitcoin reminds me of gold when I first got into the business in 1976,” he wrote.

Bitcoin, which saw the price of BTC/USD exchange rate start the 2020 decade at around $7,100, has already rose to a 2020 high of $10,300 around the middle of February, and a low point of $3,800 on March 12, has already recovered with an 8 week straight rise to surging past the $9,900 range. While many believe there are many factors in the bullish sentiment the number one leading cryptocurrency is enjoying, whether it be the fact it is up 1,500%+ since its July 9, 2016 halving or the fact that Paul Tudor is purchasing bitcoin, one thing is for certain – the future is bright and despite being 11 years into this thing, while the third of thirty three halvings is set to take place, momentum is back in the crypto ecosystem and bitcoin is leading the charge.

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Author: Matthew North

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