Miller Lite and Vatom Labs Start Partnership to Create New Customer Engagement Experience

A technology company called Vatom Labs has recently started a partnership with the Miller Lite brewery in order to create a new customer engagement experience for their products. The beer brand is set to use the blockchain technology to improve its newest customer engagement experience.

The experience is Great Taste Trivia, which is a game that people can play on their smartphones to answer 12 trivia questions about beer and gain a prize. The prize is a $5 USD beer from Miller Lite, which is only gained if the person answers all the questions correctly.

Vatom Labs’ role in the partnership is the creation of a blockchain system that will help to authenticate the competitors. The system will be used in order to prevent exploits and to reward the players. This way, it is ensured that they will receive their prizes and no one will be able to cheat and play twice.

Another important part of the partnership is that the SmartMedia technology created by Vatom Labs will be used to track the engagement on the platform and provide valuable information to the brewery.

The game, which is being called a form of “edutainment”, mixing entertainment and education, will award the first 10,000 people to beat it. After the person wins, the money will be sent immediately to the person’s Paypal account (so they can use it to buy other things instead of beer if they want to).

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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