Mad Rush to BTC Coming Soon as Dave Portnoy Declares ‘I Want to Buy All the Bitcoins’

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, has now turned his attention to Bitcoin as he said, “I want to buy all the bitcoins.”

Portnoy took to Twitter to rant about how he doesn’t know how to buy bitcoin and doesn’t want to deal with hardware wallets in order to keep his assets safe. He doesn’t want to deal with lengthy passwords. A concern is probably holding back a lot of new comers.

“I don’t wanna do bitcoin because I don’t understand the fuck it is,” said Portnoy.

He also shared how he “bought Bitcoin in that original Bitcoin age,” and that he spent an estimated $20,000 that is “just sitting in the ether.” But he doesn’t know how to access it or what has become of his investment.

Back in June, Portnoy shared a video of another rant about bitcoin from 2017 and said his stance hasn’t changed over these years. At the height of the bull market, he said he “can’t get enough” of bitcoin even though he said, “It’s like Mario brothers.”

On Tuesday, he invited the Winklevoss twins, the now Bitcoin billionaires that co-founded the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, to explain Bitcoin to him.

“I’m officially inviting the Winklevoss twins to my office to explain bitcoin to me,” Portnoy said. “If the Winklevosses want to come over and tell me how to do this in a way that I understand, I will look into Bitcoin. I want both of the Winklevosses, I want them in their little fucking row outfits, and I want them sitting in this chair being like, ‘This is how you do it,’” he said.

Tyler Winklevoss accepted the invitation with his brother Cameron adding, “I’m in too.”

Portnoy has been stealing the limelight in 2020, having built a reputation as a stock market day trader during the coronavirus lockdown, launching his own series he dubbed ‘Davey Day Trader Global (DDTG)’. He has been riding the massive rally the stock market is seeing thanks to all the unprecedented market intervention, money printing, by the US Federal Reserve to prop up the economy.

The crypto community welcomed Portnoy’s interest in Bitcoin. This could turn out great for the digital asset if Portnoy’s day trader army; his 1.7 million followers on Twitter, jumps into Bitcoin as well.

Trader Cantering Clark said a meeting with the Winklevoss twins would make Portnoy “see the clear value proposition in Bitcoin.” He also expects Portnoy “to be quite vocal about it afterward.”

“The REAL retail craze will come after ATH’s. But, if @tylerwinklevoss and @stoolpresidente want to give the @RobinhoodApp retail crew a head start on the mad rush that will be coming soon, then I say WELCOME to the party!” said another trader Mr. Anderson.

Already, the Bitcoin market is enjoying an uptrend since it broke above the critical $10,000 level. The largest cryptocurrency is up 54% YTD and more than 190% since its March lows.

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