How Blockchain Technology Use Cases are Positively Impacting Legal Firms

Several industries have already been touched by blockchain technology and the law sector is definitely one of them. A recent article published on DataFloq recently talked about how this part of the industry is dealing with the changes.

According to the author, blockchain has a very strong potential to change the field in huge ways and we’re currently only seeing “the tip of the iceberg”. A few years from now, the blockchain will get considerably more important.

There are already some specific use cases for the law sector, for instance. Smart contracts can be very useful for the legal sector as they enforce contracts automatically. These contracts cannot be changed, which adds to their usefulness. Smart contracts are one of the most important tools for legal professionals, as they free people from several kinds of problems that original contracts had.

Right now, there are also companies that are already using technology to aid in disputes such as car accidents. The use’s for the technology are almost limitless.

Property management of real estate, precious metals, intellectual property and more can also be done with the blockchain, as the tool can be used to ditch old paper-based systems and achieve more efficiency. Intellectual property, specifically, can be tracked with the technology in a much more efficient manner, as it is fully digital most of the time.

Finally, the law sector can also use blockchain technology for record-keeping. The decentralization of the blockchain and its immutability are two very important characteristics that will help to convince more companies to use it in the future.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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