Ex-Russian Professional Ice Hockey Player Caught Up in Fake Bitcoin Scheme Worth $700,000

Igor Musatov, a former pro ice hockey player who lives in Russia, has recently been detained in relation to a case in which around $700,000 USD worth of Bitcoin (BTC) was swindled from the CEO of a technology company.

According to the local media outlet Crime Russia, the alleged crime happened last year. Musatov and the CEO of the company met in January for the first time. During this occasion, the sports specialist confirmed that he was involved with crypto businesses.

Around a month later, Musatov contacted the CEO again to sell him 103 BTC for around $700,000 USD. The transaction happened and Musatov received the money. That is when the problems started.

The CEO went to Musatov’s office and he wasn’t there. He had to meet with one of his assistants, who took the money and fled. Musatov promised to sort the trouble, but he never actually appeared and the money was gone. After trying to solve the issue for months, he decided to contact the police.

Musatov has been detained this week. At the time of this report, the lawyer has affirmed that Musatov will plead not guilty and that he has not been involved with the man who took the money.

Unfortunately, cases like this one are far from rare. Last year, a billionaire from South Korea was fooled into handing $2.3 million USD to a scammer, who paid for the Bitcoin with fake notes. Bitcoin is a powerful buzzword, so scammers are bound to use it to fool people.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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