Ethereum Races Past $3,000 To Record A New All-time High. | Coinfomania

A few hours to the time of writing, Ethereum exceeds the $3,000 for the first time.

After failing to hit the mark on the first trial, ether revitalises its attack as it broke through the $3,000 resistance level. The record breaking extends as crypto second largest coin exceeded the $3,000 mark as surged to as high as $3,149.

A price rally that started at $2,931 saw the all-time high become a reality. As soon as prices hit the $2,931 price mark, ether started to rise and did not stop until it cruised past $3,100.

A break above $3,000 was expected by many traders. Coinfomania also took note of the brewing storm before it happened. Commenting on the impending price breakout in an analysis. The analyst pointed out that the toughest resistance in the bullish campaign is $3,000 and that the recent price movement shows Ether edging closer to test the $3,000 resistance.

He also predicted as to the time ether will achieve this milestone when he concluded that it will happen within the next 24 hours as at that time.

Although, the analyst predicted a price surge that will see ethereum get as high as $3,020, ether exceeded this price mark. Flipping $3,000 is one achievement, but the increase in the market cap also ensure the coin break more bounds.

As of the time of writing, ethereum market cap is more than $357 billion. The current market cap sets ether above Nestle and Walt Disney. Crypto’s second-largest coin also flipped Bank of America as it becomes the 27th largest asset by market cap.

Another prediction was made before now about ethereum flipping the $3,200. In one analysis, Coinfomania predicted that the $3,200 resistance will flip. The time frame given is within the next two weeks.

The prediction is still on course as ether flipped the $3,100 mark during the first week. It is only a matter of time before the $3,200 resistance breaks.

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Author: Gideon Geoffrey

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Author: Gideon Geoffrey