Enjin’s Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Upgrades Its ENJ Wallet Before China Roll Out

Blockchain gaming platform Enjin is all set to expand its business in South Asia where China will be its biggest target given the world’s most populous country has invested heavily in blockchain and is a hub for gamers. The gaming platform has made a few upgrades to its wallet right before it opens its services for the Chinese consumers.

The firm made an announcement on 13th April revealing that the native wallet for the Enjin Coin has been tweaked to meet the regulatory requirements of the country. The blockchain gaming firm noted that the new changes to their wallet make it “certified and compliant in China,” and the approval for the same has been granted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Bryana Kortendick, vice president of marketing at Enjin revealed said,

“The infrastructure running our services and products, including the Enjin Wallet, has been certified/licensed by [the] Chinese state agency. The wallet app itself complies with all local laws and regulations set forth by the Chinese government and communicates with the … compliant licensed infrastructure.”

Enjin Wallet Made Easier To Use

The announcement also revealed several new changes to the native wallet which would make it much easier for everyone to use, send and receive funds and transact in a few simple clicks. The Enjin wallet has also introduced Ethereum Naming Services (ENS), a feature that helps in shorting the complex crypto wallet addresses to simple human-readable ones.

A few other highlights of the news changes include,

  • Added native support for ERC-1155 blockchain assets
  • Introduced Enjin Beam, so you can receive assets by scanning a QR code
  • An in-app exchange featuring the world’s first multi-swap support
  • Built-in a fast, flexible DApp browser
  • Enabled buying and selling option for blockchain assets on the Enjin Marketplace
  • Ability to create and manage an infinite number of wallets

Enjin wallet was launched back in early 2018 and grabbed the public eye after its strategic partnership with South Korean Electronic giants Samsung back in 2019. The wallet was featured in Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore. The Samsung news also boosted the value of its native token Enjin Coin which gained over 70% in the aftermath of the announcement. The wallet then also made headlines when it partnered with Microsoft for its crypto collectable reward scheme on the Azure platform.

China is the largest producer and consumer market of the world and despite the outbreak of COVID-19 and the scrutiny the country has faced for not taking appropriate measures to contain the outbreak, it remains the lucrative hub for any kind of product. With their focus on the launch of their digital DCEP and aggressive blockchain promotion, many decentralized blockchain firms are eying to enter the Chinese market.

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