Derivatives Trading Support Now Available on Updated Bitfinex Mobile App

Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange, has made announcements of optimizations to their application and also the latest updates.

The trading platform presented the latest version of their application Bitfinex on Oct. 11. It includes derivatives trading support and in-app access to the Bitfinex Reports 2.0. This latest version is said to assist a lot in terms of information passage via the users and support. The update will enhance smooth trading activities and better service provision to the users.

The newest version of the mobile application for the cryptocurrency exchange is version 3.19.3. It has support for derivatives, which include charts, pairs, order history, and position, and the order form that has a leverage slider.

The traders and users of this updated app are now enabled to gain access to the site via an in-app browser to the Bitfinex’s Reports 2.0. The users can be able to compile a summary of their account information instantly. Their account details can be displayed here and as far back as to when the account was opened.

Bitfinex said that their client base suggested the changes and updates. Their client base also indicated that the firm should also enhance optimization to the Bitfinex cryptocurrency app. The initial version was launched in October 2018. It has been receiving several improvements, updates, and bug fixes since then.

Law Suit against Bitfinex

According to earlier reports by Cointelegraph, a New York-based company had gone to court to file a complaint against Bitfinex. The firm accused Bitfinex of cryptocurrency market manipulation.

It alleges that Bitfinex was involved in money laundering activities for personal gains. The lawsuit had it that stablecoin firm and an affiliate crypto exchange were involved in manipulating markets. It is also said that the two were engaging in activities that defrauded investors and concealed illicit proceeds.

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