Crypto Scam PlusToken May Be Much Bigger Than Previously Thought, Values Could At $2.9 Billion

2019 had several scams so far. Unfortunately, despite the fact that, in most aspects, this could be considered a good year, scams are everywhere. One of the main scams was PlusToken. This scam took over $2.9 Billion from investors using a Ponzi scheme-type of fraud.

PlusToken, in case you have not heard about, was a famous Ponzi scheme from South Korea. It was marketed as a crypto wallet, but it had several kinds of rewards for you to store money there and convince other people to do the same.

The end of the operations only happened when some people were arrested, but the site is online at the time of this report.

At the moment, the real number of people who might have been affected by this scam is still unknown. However, the police affirmed that the number might range from 2.4 to 3 million investors who were defrauded. There may be even more victims, however, what could raise the value of the money lost to over $3 billion.

Where did the money go? This is the main question that the police are trying to find out now. Most of the money was originally flowing to the same few accounts, but it was divided into several addresses before the police showed up to disrupt the operation. Reports show that the money was sent to at least 248,000 different addresses.

If the scam was even bigger than expected, this could put PlusToken among one of the biggest crypto scams ever made.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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