Craig Wright’s Ex-Wife Defrauded The Court By Lying Under Oath Claims Kleiman Lawyers

The long-running lawsuit filed by the Kleiman Estate against Craig Wright for defrauding his late partner Dave Kleiman is getting murkier every day. The lawsuit has been the talk of the crypto town for quite some time as Craig Wright has been known for bullying others by filing several defamatory lawsuits. However, he hasn’t won even a single one.

In the latest turn of events in the lawsuit, Klieman estate has claimed that Craig Wright’s ex-wife Lyn Wright was very much involved in her husband’s wrongdoings. They also claimed that Mrs. Wright tried to defraud the court by lying on record about her involvement in her husband’s former company – W&K Info Defense Research.

Craig Wright’s counsel has claimed that Mrs. Wright was part owner of the W&K Info Defense Research, which denied Wright a chance of getting a fair trial. However, in a separate court filing made by Lyn Wright on July 16 in a Florida court claims that she was not the owner of the firm at the time Craig Wright made a claim back in 2018. This directly contradicts Craig Wright’s sworn testimony.

Craig Wright has previously been reprimanded by the court on several occasions for falsifying statements and providing false claims and evidence. Wright’s entire career has been his claim of being the pseudo-anonymous creator of bitcoin or falsifying evidence to claim ownership of the private keys to the $12 billion Tulip Trust.

Lyn Wright Claims Tulip Trust Might Not Even Exist

The petition filed by Lyn Wright made another explosive claim which might prove the last nail in the coffin for Craig Wright. In her petition filed in the court, Lyn Wright claimed that the Tulip Trust, which is at the center of this lawsuit, might not exist. The petition read:

“ln December 2012, Lynn transferred I00% of her transferrable interests in W&K Info Defense to Craig Wright R&D. Upon information and belief sometime after Dave’s passing, Craig Wright R&D changed its name to Tulip Trust.”

As per Lyn Wright, the so-called Tulip Trust with $12 billion worth of bitcoin under its custody is just another fabrication of Craig Wright, and in fact, Tulip trust is nothing more than Craig Wright’s old company with a changed name. Kleiman Estate was quick to take up the newly revealed facts to prove Craig Wright’s attempts to waste the court’s time and defraud everyone involved. The estate made a court filing on August 8 stating:

“Craig Wright R&D changed its name to the ‘Tulip Trust’ (yes, the infamous “Tulip Trust” is now apparently just a name change of a company affiliated with Dr. Wright, it is not a “blind trust” as previously alleged).”

The plaintiff in the case filed a separate motion asking for dismissing Craig Wright’s concern regarding not getting a fair trial. However, another interesting aspect of Lyn Wright’s petition revealed that she had received one-third ownership in W&K as recently as July 10.

It demanded that any mention of W&K should be thrown out as she is the sole owner of the firm and owes no obligations to the demand made by Kleiman’s Estate. However, Mrs. Wright submitted no document to prove her claims, which prompted the plaintiff to conclude that both Mr. and Mrs. Wright are merely trying to defraud the court.

The Kleiman vs. Wright trial is set to go before a jury this October.

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