Catalonia To Develop ‘IdentiCAT’ A Blockchain Identity Platform To Give Citizens Control Over Data

Catalonia, an autonomous region in Spain, is about to create a new decentralized ID platform that will be used in order to give the locals more control over their data. According to the local government, the platform, which is known as IdentiCAT, will empower Catalan citizens to be safe when using the internet.

The minister of Digital Policy and Public Administration Jordi Puigneró was responsible for the announcement, affirming that the new platform will use the distributed ledger technology and that the platform will be centralized. According to him, the government will act as the validator of the network.

However, he affirmed that the government will not collect any data from the people, as this is the whole goal of the initiative. The government has also revealed that the users can use several apps to manage their identities on the platform and that they can maintain their privacy this way.

Another use for the new platform is that, for instance, a user could verify his age by using the platform instead of having to provide more data to private systems.

The new IdentiCAT platform will be used to develop solutions that will be compliant with the rules from the European Union on electronic IDs and trust services.

Now, the government is focused on getting the system up and running to be used soon. As soon as the development of the platform is finished, the system will be distributed and used by local citizens, public companies and organizations.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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