Band Protocol Integrated on Google Cloud to Enhance Financial Time Series Analysis

Band Protocol Integrated on Google Cloud to Enhance Financial Time Series Analysis

Chainlink rival Band Protocol is joining the Google Cloud public data network to enable accurate financial time series data analysis.

Decentralized oracle service, Band Protocol, is integrating to Google Cloud in a bid to “enable immediate and accurate analysis of financial time series data,” a blog post by Kevin Lu, head of business development at Band reads.

Band Protocol oracles, specifically the Band Standard Dataset, is now live on Google BigQuery, a fully-managed, platform-as-a-service cloud data warehouse. The platform is built to enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data through its machine learning mechanism.

“Google Cloud Public Data has a wealth of data available for unique analysis.”

“This is especially interesting for real-time financial time series data using novel approaches to Machine Learning.”

Band’s data sets will enhance analysis on financial time series data, which requires a ton of real-time data, by connecting decentralized, trustable, and secure oracles to BigQuery.

Lu believes the partnership with Google Cloud will expand the possibilities that Band Protocol offers, adding they are looking for more partners.

“With Band Protocol oracles fully integrated into Google Cloud Public Data, this is the first of many use-cases we are exploring with partners to bridge traditional enterprises and blockchain applications.”

“Our focus is to continuously and rapidly expand the support of data available on BandChain — pushing the use-cases far beyond just Web 3 alongside many enterprises.”

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Author: Lujan Odera

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