A Fake Uniswap App is Circulating on Google Play Store With 5k+ Downloads

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts spotted a fake application listed on the Google Play Store. The app claims to be a mobile version of popular Ethereum-based decentralized exchange, Uniswap. 

The Fake Uniswap App was flagged on Reddit by user r/jteepi, who called on the Ethereum community to report the app to Google, with the hope that multiple reports would lead to a delisting. 

A search for “Uniswap” on Google Play Store returns search results with the fake mobile app listed on top of the pile. In total, the app has over 5,000 downloads, apparently including some from its creators who inflate numbers to make the application seem legitimate. 

The developers have managed to ensure a 4.4 rating for the fake Uniswap mobile app, with hundreds of fake reviews attempting to convince prospective users that they can trust the application. 

Despite the inherent risks with such an application, our team tried to install the app to see what it looked like. 

Red Flags on Fake Uniswap Mobile App 

First, it is worth noting that the app’s logo differs from the official Uniswap logo, which features one horse head. Instead of Uniswap’s prominent pink branding, the fake Uniswap app uses a purple color. 

Users are prompted to provide a mnemonic phrase to an Ethereum wallet before using the fake Uniswap app. The hyperlink for “Terms” about the risk of giving away this otherwise personal information isn’t clickable.

There is a shabby “Terms of Services” page, though, and a “Report Issues” page that links to misleading FAQs created two months ago. That would suggest that the creators have been around for the same period and likely have victimized unsuspecting users. 

Does Uniswap Have a Mobile App? 

Developing a mobile app would go against the ethos of the decentralized nature of the Uniswap project. Thus, Uniswap doesn’t have a mobile app. 

However, there are mobile wallets that allow users to access Uniswap front-end. Prominent examples including, Metamask mobile (recently released), Trust Wallet, and Coinbase wallet. 

Meanwhile, Uniswap’s popularity in the crypto community means fake versions are always on the increase.  Coinfomania recently reported a fake ad directing users to a fake Uniswap website that collects seed phrases. 

Downloading apps from only official websites and not giving away mnemonic phrases appears to be the only way for users to guard against these fake phishing sites. 

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Author: Wilfred Michael

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Author: Wilfred Michael